This Major Group Of Disney World Cast Members Is Getting Called Back To Work


Most Disney World Cast Members were furloughed when the pandemic hit. A small group stayed to help ensure the essentials tasks of running a theme park (mainly animal care and security) continued to be met. Slowly, they have been called back to work upon reopening. Some even moved to different operations to ensure employment.

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Today, Orlando Hotel and Restaurant Workers Movement announced that more Walt Disney World Cast Members have been called back to work. The Orlando Unite Here! Local 737 union shared a Facebook

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According to the union, Disney full-time attractions and custodian workers will be called back to work this month. Union members who work at water parks or other closed Disney World properties

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With opening dates announced, Disney is making strides in reopening Walt Disney World. This includes onboarding furloughed Cast Members. However, since some of the resort may remained closed or operating in a limited capacity, not all Cast Member positions will be available. As such, Disney is offering full-time unionized cast members the option to transfer […]

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The furloughs impacted thousands of Cast Members, and Disney warned its Cast Members to prepare for these furloughs to be for an extended period of time. When Disney World first reopened, Disney started calling back Cast Members to its hotels and restaurants, and eventually thousands of Cast Members were called back to work in various roles throughout …

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About 220 actors and singers initially were called back to work, but that invitation was rescinded after the union made public its concerns about the lack of testing, according to the union. It was

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In addition, Part-Time Attractions Cast Members who work in the theme parks are also being called back for a June 28 start date. There are a couple of interesting takeaways from the list above. The first is that workers are being called back to the water parks. This is good news particularly since Disney as of going to print has yet to announce

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News Disney World Cast Members being recalled to work as Disney prepares to Looking forward to getting a call for seasonal work. Reply. Reactions: Bullseye1967. HauntedMansionFLA Well-Known Member. Apr 26, 2021 #65 grimb168 said: No college program, international program or seasonal cast members. The seasonal cast were the …

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Full-Time Disney World Cast Members Can Return To Work – Option for Temporary Transfer in Walt Disney World Posted on May 29, 2020 July 4, 2020 by Emille Crawford 1 Comment

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Walt Disney World made the difficult decision to furlough tens of thousands of its Cast Members during the unprecedented closure, and now the company is calling back its workers to return to their posts for the reopening. However, work conditions have vastly changed for Cast Members, and not all are at ease with the current environment.

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I am personally very excited for this because they are a big part of the Disney World experience! Disney World Cast Members There’s no doubt Disney World Cast Members are some of the sweetest and most dedicated […] The post This Major Group of Disney World Cast Members is Getting Called Back to Work! appeared first on

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does disney call their park employeescast members?

Why does Disney call their park employees "cast members?" Walt Disney was in the movie business long before going into the theme park business. A lot of terms come from the movie industry. Walt also wanted to create a park that was clean and family-oriented. Besides “cast members” for employees you have:

How many cast members are unionized at disney world?

Of the roughly 75,000 Cast Members who work at Walt Disney World, the Service Trades Council Union represents about 43,000. These numbers don’t account for the tens of thousands of Disney World Cast Members who are not part of a union. A sizeable amount of non-union Cast Members are still waiting on a call to return to work as well.

Why are disney cast members called cast members?

It's all about the show. All Disney employees -- the ones who play Mickey Mouse at Disneyland, sales clerks at each Disney Store, administrative assistants at Walt Disney Consumer Products, executives in the corporate offices -- are called cast members as a reminder that The Walt Disney Company is an entertainment company.

What does it mean when a disney cast member is back stage?

When the cast member goes on break and is out of the view of guests, he or she is considered to be “back stage.” And the point of Disney’s customer relations philosophy is that, regardless of how you are feeling today, once you are “on stage” the guests expect to experience a good “performance.”

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