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Architectural Theory Review, Volume 25, Issue 1-2 (2021) See all volumes and issues. Volume 25, 2021 Vol 24, 2020 Vol 23, 2019 Vol 22, 2018 Vol 21, 2016-2017 Vol 20, 2015 Vol 19, 2014 Vol 18, 2013 Vol 17, 2012 Vol 16, 2011 Vol 15, 2010 Vol 14, 2009 Vol 13, 2008 Vol 12, 2007 Vol 11, 2006 Vol 10, 2005 Vol 9, 2004 Vol 8, 2003 Vol 7, 2002 Vol 6

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SACAP Annual Report 2020/2021: View SACAP Annual Report for 2020/2021

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Architectural Record is the #1 source for design news, architect continuing education, and info on sustainability, houses, projects, and architectural products. This website requires certain cookies to work and uses other cookies to help you have the best experience.

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Description: Log is an independent journal on architecture and the contemporary city that presents criticism and commentary in a literary format designed to resist the seductive power of the image in media, while identifying and elaborating the central concerns of architectural thinking and production today. A carefully crafted compendium of essays, interviews, and brief …

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ArchitectUI HTML Bootstrap 4 Dashboard Template. ArchitectUI is like a dream. Some think it's too good to be true! Extensive collection of unified React Boostrap Components and Elements.

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Architectural History, Architectural Theory, Modern Architecture, History of architecture Guarino Guarini, Baroque Scholasticism and the Scientific Revolution 1 Paper presented at the conference Mind-Set and Early Modern Architecture, …

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The support of the European Commission for The preparation of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the content which reflects only the personal views of the authors and the Commission cannot be held responsible for the use of the information contained therein.

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In school architecture most of students only learning the theory of design the aesthetic of a buildings, and ignored the important of the practicalities in real life. Most of the time, result of design on a paper and model are totally difference when building is built on site.

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Why theory, what has theory got to do with architectural technology and why worry about it? One answer suggests that it needs a differentiating design theory to reinforce its position as the primary technical design authority in the modern construction industry.

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Architectural Theory of Modernism presents an overview of the discourse on function-form concepts from the beginnings, in the eighteenth century, to its peak in High Modernism. Functionalist thinking and its postmodern criticism during the second half of the twentieth century is explored, as well as today's functionalism in the

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Summary. This essay "Architectural Theory" shows that in order to have a profound understanding of the architectural field it is paramount that one has knowledge of space and form. It is very simple to build thought in your mind about how you will design a room into a living space…. Download full paper File format: .doc, available for editing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is architectural theory in architecture?

Y et architectural theory is considered to be the act of thinking, discussing, or most importantly writing about architecture. It is taught in most architecture schools and is practiced by the world's leading architects. It is often didactic, and theorists tend to stay close to or work from within schools. It has

Who presented the theory of architectural totality?

Schulz presented the theory of architectural totality. I’d like to know the structure and content of this theory pls. Have no idea about architectural sciences , just following. What is the difference between pragmatic, iconic, analogical, and canonic design? Geoffrey Broadbent presented four types of architectural design as mentioned above.

What is the theory of type and typology in architecture?

Regarding the theory of type and typology in architecture, architects and schools have different points of view. For example between new realism architecture of British architect Robert Venturi, and new rationalism in architecture of Italian architect Aldo Rossi. I like to know how they treated with type to get new models of specific design.

How can architectural principles be applied to information technology?

In addition, architectural principles can be applied to other areas of business and information technology. The Open Group Architecture Framework (ToGAF), for instance, provides an approach for designing, planning, implementing, and governing information technology systems based on key principles of architecture.

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