Accounting Malpractice Attorney


Accountant malpractice is a growing issue. Our attorneys have significant experience representing clients who were victimized by an accountant’s violation of accounting and securities regulations by breaching contracts, giving unqualified advice, or …

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Accounting malpractice cases may present significant legal issues and disputes for professionals, businesses, and other such entities. This is largely due to the fact that accountants are generally responsible for tracking important monetary and financial data for an individual or a company. If an accountant were to practice accounting malpractice, it may …

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Speaking to an experienced accounting malpractice attorney is an important first step. In Washington D.C., there is a three-year statute of limitations for filing an accounting malpractice lawsuit (the legal deadline clock begins to run on the day you knew or should have known of the harm), so speak to an attorney sooner, rather than later. Specific Types of Accounting …

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Minns & Arnett are accounting malpractice attorneys that can help you determine if you have an accounting malpractice case against your accountant or CPA. Accounting malpractice is very complex, and it is important to hire experienced accounting malpractice attorney to win the case. Minns Law. Trial Lawyers The Minns Building 9119 S. Gessner Suite One Houston, …

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If you have any questions, please contact an accounting malpractice lawyer today. We will be happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. Accounting malpractice occurs when Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is negligent in providing a proper standard of care to a client. Certified Public Accountants have a duty of act in the interest of the client and in the …

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Accounting Malpractice Lawsuit Launched against Giant E&Y Firm. December 31, 2010. New York, NY A major Accounting Malpractice lawsuit has been filed in the State of New York, and is the first

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Accountant Malpractice Resources Just in time for the election – Touching the Third Rail: The California Initiative Process, Proposition 13, and the Effort to Fix It the next century’s political development showed that direct democracy, and the initiative in particular, has moved well beyond its original intent, to the point that it has often overwhelmed the governing process it …

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Accountants have a duty of care to act in good faith for their clients. Call Gassman Legal at 312.279.2779 for a Chicago professional malpractice attorney.

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Malpractice can occur in any licensed profession including doctors, dentists, nurses, therapists, lawyers and even architects. A malpractice attorney may represent either the professional providing the service or the person who has been harmed. If you've been harmed by the actions or negligence of a trusted professional, for example if a doctor performed an operation …

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Eccleston and Wolf, P.C., a Washington, District Of Columbia (DC) Law Firm - Accountant Malpractice Defense, Accounting Licensing Board Defense, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

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Contact Your Los Angeles Accounting Malpractice Attorney. At the Trial Law Offices of Bradley I. Kramer, M.D., Esq., we have spent years evaluating and litigating accounting malpractice claims, where an accounting professional has caused a financial loss to a company. If you believe that an accountant or an accounting firm has not performed its duties appropriately, …

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The accounting malpractice attorneys at Lombana Hoelle Trial Law can provide the required expertise to assist clients in this area. REQUEST A FREE CASE EVALUATION. Our legal team provides experience and professionalism across numerous legal disciplines combined with a focus on the unique, individual business and personal requirements for each and every client …

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Accounting Malpractice Information. Professional malpractice law deals with the negligence or misconduct of attorneys, doctors, accountants, and any other professional person. Professional malpractice occurs when a person practicing his or her profession improperly performs duties of that profession and as result a mistake is made or someone is

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Best Lawyers! If you have been affected by accounting malpractice call Potts Law Firm 888-902-6245 for a free case review. call today for a free consultation. 888.902.6245. Search. Attorneys; Results; Practice Areas; Blog; Media; Locations; Contact; Automobile Defects . Airbag and Seatbelt Failures . Broken Seat Backs . Door Latch and Hood Latch Failures . Fires / Fuel …

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Any claim of malpractice against a CPA or other accounting professional or firm can lead to irreparable harm to their professional reputation and client confidence. The accounting malpractice defense attorneys at Starnes Davis Florie provide clients with a staunch defense against malpractice claims or investigations, using their extensive knowledge of…

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At the law office of Edward A. Rose, Jr., CPA, Attorney at Law, our Houston accounting malpractice lawyers help clients in Texas pursue claims against accountants whose negligence has resulted in monetary damages as a result of penalties and interest assessed by the IRS and negligently prepared financial statements. Holding Accountants to the Standards of Their …

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Find an Attorney; Diplomates. Login; Directory; Message From The President. Past Messages; It is the ABPLA's continuing mission to certify attorneys according to the highest standards of experience, ethics, education, examination and excellence. Through this rigorous process, the ABPLA offers consumers a clear standard of excellence for selecting medical and legal …

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does an accounting malpractice lawyer do?

An experienced accounting malpractice attorney will utilize testimony by expert witnesses who will explain how the accountant failed to offer the standard level of care, as well as how it was foreseeable that as a result of that failure the plaintiff would suffer harm.

How do i file an accounting malpractice claim?

Send your Accounting Malpractice claim to a lawyer who will review your claim at NO COST or obligation. An example of accounting malpractice is when an accountant gives a client advice and that advice is incorrect. The victim may wind up paying additional expenses or fines due to the incorrect accounting advice.

Can an accountant negotiate a malpractice claim?

Most malpractice insurance policies state that if the accountant does not turn the claim over to his insurance company immediately, and without doing anything that would weaken the defense of the claim, the insurance coverage will be voided. Thus, if the accountant is smart, he or she will refuse to negotiate or discuss the claim.

What are the most common types of accountant malpractice?

However, the two most common types of accountant malpractice include GAAP and GAAS violations and securities violations. Accountants are required to follow specific accounting rules and regulations as outlined in the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS).

What to do if you suspect accounting malpractice?

If you suspect that you have been a victim of accounting malpractice, it is advised that you contact an experienced accounting malpractice attorney from the law firm of Bochetto & Lentz at the earliest possible time. Read more about Accountant Malpractice here:

When is an accountant liable for malpractice?

Accountants are licensed professionals and, as a consequence, are liable for their mistakes when it is shown that they have committed malpractice – not ordinary negligence. All accounting malpractice cases have a common set of features; in order to be liable for accounting malpractice, an accountant must:

Can i file an accountant malpractice lawsuit in florida?

When accountants do not uphold their professional responsibilities and their client suffers financial losses as a result, the client may be able to recover their losses by filing an accountant malpractice lawsuit. The Business Trial Group’s Florida accounting malpractice attorneys represent individuals and businesses on a contingency-fee basis.

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